Technology to Fight Crimes: Anonymous Crime Tipping Tools

Becoming a good citizen is not just about doing right and abiding by the law. Sometimes, it means taking the extra step of reporting any suspicious activity that might be alarming, for whatever reason. While it is good to be particularly sure about your observations before making an anonymous tip, reporting to the relevant authorities can go so far as to prevent further damage in an issue. Thanks to technology, anonymous tipping has never been more convenient. Here is how technology can be used to fight crimes:


Chatbot technology has increased interactivity on online platforms a lot. People can now better communicate with different brands in their platforms, without having to wait for feedback a couple of days of hours. For the investigation firms, you can become an anonymous tipper by simply submitting a complaint or tip through Chatbots. Unlike with text messages, you do not have to send any contact information here, as long as you provide sufficient information that the detectives can follow up on.

If a particular chatbots within some applications fail to work on your phone, you can try an IPad VPN setup, and you might be lucky to have it up and running regardless of geographical restrictions placed on it!

A 24-hour Anonymous Crime Tip Hotline

Hotlines are the most common communication channels for security organizations to communicate with the public. They are best because they assure of anonymity, even when the crime tip is merely based on suspicious activity. More importantly, you can always leave a message of the relevant information about a crime, and let the investigators in charge take care of the rest. When calling the hotline, more often than not, the caller receives a taped message explaining that a detective is absent. That said, you can make your report, without leaving a name, an address or phone number behind.


Much as email is a digital channel, there is a level of privacy that does not cut across other channels like social media platforms. Email has long been used as a digital solution to help the public stay in touch with help lines, the police, the FBI, and other security force. By just sending an email provided on such websites, you can tip a security agent about a crime. However, you only are anonymous to the public, but not so much to the security agents since they can easily trace your email address.

Mobile phone application

Mobile technology has come in handy in such cases as crime tipping. Different security organizations have specific apps that the public can install on their devices and be flexible to use them from anywhere. With access to the internet, the online version of some of those mobile apps allows the sending of photos, along with attaching other files and clips that can be a testament to your claims. The good thing with mobile applications is that they ensure encryption of information exchange Secure Socket Layers connections, to maintain the confidentiality of the source.