Month: October 2021

How many hours of sleep does an adult need? Read about it in this handy guide to know more

Once we are sick, the need for sleep often increases dramatically. This is a sign that your body wants to spend extra time in recovery and repair mode. Even in the winter, most of us have a bit more need for sleep. This is due to the little daylight which increases the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. In the summer we see the opposite, then we can often manage with a little less sleep. But these are not dramatic effects as in the case of people who only need 4 hours of sleep per night on this website

How many hours of sleep does a child need?

Those 7 to 8 hours apply to the average adult, but for children, adolescents and the elderly it is a completely different story. Babies spend most of their time sleeping. So much has to happen in their brain and body, which takes an enormous amount of energy. With older people, the production of the sleep hormone melatonin decreases. This makes their sleep lighter and they often wake up earlier in the morning. Many older people take an afternoon nap to compensate for the loss of sleep, which is an excellent solution.

In some cultures (for example, Spain and Italy), sleep is cut in two anyway: a short night’s sleep (going to bed late and getting up early) and a long siesta. This biphasic sleep has no adverse effects. In fact, it may be beneficial and contribute to stress reduction and cognitive performance.

How many hours of sleep does an adolescent need?

Adolescents are a story of their own. Along with all the changes in their brains and hormones, their day-night rhythms are also shifting. Adolescents and young adults between the ages of 10 and 20 cannot sleep at night and cannot get up in the morning. The fact that they can’t get out of bed is not an unwillingness, it’s simply their hormones that are wreaking havoc on one of the specific websites about the world.